Thursday, February 22, 2018
You have a unique story to tell.
Let me help you tell it and
get it out there. 
Directional marketing is much more today than just yellow pages ads, a compelling web site is like a yellow page ad on steroids. Paper & Cyber Graphics, LLC can build a dynamic compelling story for your business in both print and in cyberspace. Let's get started!

Helping Businesses Get Their Message Out  Large Agency Results at Affordable Rates

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Printed Materials

Key Benefits Offered by Paper & Cyber Graphics, LLCYou need to position your company. Well prepared printed media support will help people recognize you as a player

  • Product or Service catalogs will generate new business
  • Corporate identities are enhanced by coordinated letterheads, business cards and mailings

Capabilities tailored for small businesses

Who are you?
      Letterheads and Business Cards
What are you about?
      Brochures, Sell sheets, Mailers, Restaurant Menus
How much do you offer?
      Product or Services catalogs
How do you want to spread the news?
      Newspapers, Mailers and Magazine ads etc.


Questions for Marketers

  1. Do you know what you want to accomplish with your new web site or promotional literature?
  2. Do you have a clear and succinct "Mission Statement"?
  3. Is your "Tag Line" working? Do you need a "Tagline"?
  4. Do you have a "Lowest Common Denominator" that will explain what you do?
  5. Would a more precise "Elevator Speech" be useful in your marketing efforts?
  6. Can you articulate what sets you apart from your competition?
  7. How do you answer the question: "Why should folks do business with us?"

Your answers to all of these important questions and more are part of how I will help you position your company, in, with and through, our marketing efforts together.

Let's get started!

Pull it all together!

jcm presentationfolder coverThis is the presentation folder (cover view) for JCM Custom Homes LLC.

By coordinating the design with the web site, postcards, brochures, business cards and etc. we are able to project the desired professional image.
Positioning your company as a player in your industry is accomplished with good content, good design and professional coordination.

We look forward to pulling this together for your unique business.


jcm postcardfront









Postcards & Business cards   JCM BusinessCard



Ironwood Orchids Front


PaperCyberGC70a A01eT07a ZYou've got a great story, don't just tell it,
Let Paper & Cyber help you sell it!

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My mission is to help my clients sell more products and services and earn a reasonable living doing this.
I do this by positioning my customers and telling their unique stories with compelling graphics, design, photography and verbiage via printed and cyberspace promotional vehicles.

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