Why Paper & Cyber Graphics?

More and more small businesses and non-profit organizations are beginning to realize that they need another way to "get their message out." They can utilize the World Wide Web, a.k.a. the Internet to help communicate and sell their services and products. With more people routinely searching for information on the Internet, the need for affordable, effective "web-sites" is growing daily.

Phil GnadtI see this need and the need for an experienced helper for new Internet marketers.
Twelve years ago, after a 15 year career as a national sales manager for two small-medium sized companies, I began a new venture as a graphic designer for a local Hickory manufacturer.
I designed new packaging for a growing line of shoe care products. Soon, many of our customers asked me to design their private label packaging. I learned to produce art for everything from blister cards, small boxes, and bottle and can labels to shoe polish tins. We also needed to use my photography and photo-editing skills. I entered the digital photography age on day one and now use these skills daily.
As time went on I was producing advertisements for trade magazines, retail posters for point-of sale displays and a lot of different promotional literature. Of course during this time we also needed a web-site. I became our corporate 'web master'.

Ten years later I realized that I have a unique skill set. My years as a successful salesman and sales manager allow me to think like a salesman. I know how important it is to position a company before attempting to close a sale.

Salesmanship, web-mastering, photography and promotional support design skills have prepared me for something new. I discovered that I can efficiently help a lot of organizations with both their printed and their cyberspace marketing needs so I started a new company. That's why we are called Paper & CYBER Graphics, LLC.

Your organization is unique too. When you decide that you need a web site, a new catalog or brochure to help position your firm or explain your special qualities, and sell more products, please give me a call at 828.270.0325; e-mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Feel free to contact any of my clients as a reference. I am recognized as a valued part of each of their marketing teams. You will also have my personal guarantee of satisfaction as a Paper & Cyber Graphics client.

Phil Gnadt
Paper & Cyber Graphics, LLC