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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

What we can handle for you: You Need a Web Site - Let us help

  • Site Objective Counseling
  • Registering Your Domain Name
  • Hosting Your New Site
  • Creating Content Management Websites that can be Edited by the Site Owner!!
  • Maintaining Your Site if desired
Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization
      1. Evaluate competitors to determine keywords and most popular keyword phrases to assure we are using optimized content.
      2. Optimize content on each page including images.
      3. Use SEO online analytics company for comprehensive analysis of key word densities and other elements of the site.
      4. Create a site map file and submit to major Search engines to facilitate ‘Robots file’ on site.
      5. Submit manually to approximately 30 Search Engines after SEO analytics
      6. Register site with Google site verification process.
      7. Register site with Yahoo site verification process.
      8. Establish and Install Google Analytics with weekly report sent to you.

Web Hosting Capabilities

  • We use only exceptionally reliable companies.
  • Our Domain Registrar and Web Hosting capabilities assure 99.9% up-time.

Getting Started

  • Paper & Cyber Graphics, LLC will help you determine the goals for your new web site.
  • We will listen to you. Let us know your company strengths, how you would prefer to be contacted.
  • Extensive Sales Management experience to help you say what you want to say.

What are your capabilities?

  • What are your products and/or services? How are you different from your competition? We can take it from there.

Site Maintenance

  • We offer our services to maintain your site with periodic updates.
  • Or, we can update and refresh your existing site.
  • We now offer training as part of a package that will allow you and/or your employees to make changes, additions and deletions to maintain your website on your own.

Digital Photography

  • Including in-studio photography and photography at your location.
  • Of course, we can photo-edit and place your own digital or print images on your new web site.

Web site examples

Questions for Marketers

  1. Do you know what you want to accomplish with your new web site or promotional literature?
  2. Do you have a clear and succinct "Mission Statement"?
  3. Is your "Tag Line" working? Do you need a "Tagline"?
  4. Do you have a "Lowest Common Denominator" that will explain what you do?
  5. Would a more precise "Elevator Speech" be useful in your marketing efforts?
  6. Can you articulate what sets you apart from your competition?
  7. How do you answer the question: "Why should folks do business with us?"

Your answers to all of these important questions and more are part of how I will help you position your company, in, with and through, our marketing efforts together.

Let's get started!